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Born on May 12, 1968 in San Diego California is American skateboarder Tony Hawk. Hawk, who has the Tony Hawk autographed full skull skateboard as a cool sport item to collect, had several inventions of aerial skateboard tricks which include the Stalefish, Madonna, and McHawk among others. His most famous stunt was on a televised 1999 X Games where he landed a two and half rotations (900°) in the air before he landed back on the pipe. Thus, Hawk was subsequently considered among the most successful and influential personality in modern vertical skateboarding industry making the Tony Hawk autographed full skull skateboard a real precious item that fans would not want to miss. Although he has already resigned in competitive skateboarding, Hawk never stopped from skating and would sometimes render performances at demos. Along the rise of street skating in 1992 was vertical skateboarding's ebb. Hawk, together with Per Welinder, an ex-Powell Peralta professional started a skateboard company now known as the Birdhouse Skateboards. Aside from that, Hawk also happens to own his own film and TV production company. And along with his family, he started the Hawk Clothing which was later sold to Quiksilver. Aside from these businesses, Tony also ventured in skateboarding video game series teaming up with Activision. The series started in 1999 with the release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. A total of 10 licensed games were released, with Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Tony Haw's Downhill Jam as the latest releases in 2006. Hawk wrote an autobiography in 2000 entitled “Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder,” which ranked number 18 in New York Times bestseller list. Get a Tony Hawk autographed full skull skateboard along with other stuff at Typographical errors committed in spelling his name include Toni Hok, Tony Hwak, Tonie Hawk, Tonee Hok, and Toni Hkaw. Common misspellings: memoribilia, Memorabila, Singed, Memorbilia, Collectable, Memorabelia, Memorabillia, Collectables Our wide assortment of authentic autographed Tony Hawk memorabilia includes: display cases, signatures, collages with frame, frames, photomints, coins, balls, inscriptions, Tony Hawk autographs, and other Tony Hawk signed memorabilia. You can also browse Tony Hawk autographed memorabilia such as a inscription, hand signed collage, signature photomint, pic, Olympic collectible, inscribed ball, trading card, Tony Hawk autograph and coin with autograph, among other signed Tony Hawk memorabilia. Info on Tony Hawk Jerseys, Gear & Collectibles: Our online store carries sale gifts, sweatshirts, pictures, hats, t-shirts, licensed apparel, official clothing, MVP 16X20 photos, replica banners, caps, and jackets, whether it's unsigned, signed or game-used. Also find an authentic hat, blanket, t-shirt, ball, gift, sweatshirt, jacket, 8X10 photo, picture, display case, cap or jersey. Browse Tony Hawk memorabilia values, stats, jerseys, signings, pics & prices from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008. Searching for the perfect Tony Hawk gifts for that special sports fan? Whether you are trying to choose an item for a holiday such as Christmas or you need a birthday present, our gift certificates make the perfect gift idea. Our gift cards take all the pressure out of finding the perfect present for friends or loved ones. Let your loved ones choose their favorite Tony Hawk memorabilia and sports collectibles so you don't have to.