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The Canadian starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners of the Major League Baseball (MLB), Erik Bedard has previously played for the Baltimore Orioles, of which Julio Lugo is a member. While with the Orioles, he's posted the team's single-season strikeouts per nine innings record at 10.93 back in 2007. So far, Bedard has garnered a 51-41 win-loss, a 3.71 earned run average and 801 strikeouts. Fascinatingly inspire your idol to do well in his future matches as you can now possible take a hold of our attractive autographed Erik Bedard memorabilia collection which includes signed baseball, jersey, photo, signatures and pictures. You'd really be happy with us as you can buy authentic autographed Bedard jerseys, baseballs, bats & photos from our wide range of supplies. At low prices, you can simply harvest our goods, especially the autographed Erik Bedard memorabilia collection which consists signed baseball, jersey, photo, signatures and pictures. More noteworthy, you can also shop signed Bedard memorabilia and autographs, including a bat, photo, signed Erik Bedard jersey, ball or autograph that are uniquely and creatively produced. As we assure you that we hardly present a precious offer like what we're doing now, you should speedily choose any of our excellent Erik Bedard autographed, signed jersey, bat, baseballs, jerseys, autograph, ball, photo and Erik Bedard collectible. Most of all, don't miss to bag our autographed Erik Bedard memorabilia collection which comprises signed baseball, jersey, photo, signatures and pictures! Presently, Bedard is looking forward to reap victories with help from solid players Cliff Lee, Jason Vargas, Milton Bradley, Jose Lopez, Brandon League, Chone Figgins and a few others. In some cases, Bedard's aficionados fail to correctly spell out their adored player's name. The typical errors are Erik Bedard, Erik Bedard, Erik Bedard, Erik Bedard and Erik Bedard. About Erik Bedard: Erik Bedard (full name: Erik Joseph Bedard; no nicknames) played pitcher from 2002 until 2009 for the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners. He played for the Orioles from 2002 - 2007 and Mariners from 2008 - 2009. Over 7 seasons, he started 141 games, won 51 games, struck out 801 batters, and had a 3.71 ERA. Born on March 5, 1979 in Navan, Ontario, CAN, Bedard stands 6' 1 and weighs 200 lb. He attended Norwalk (Norwalk, CT) high school and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 6th round of the 1999 amateur draft. His debut was on April 17, 2002. Over his career, Bedard made $21,680,000. Common misspellings of his name include Erik eric Erik Joseph Bedard. Common misspellings: Memorbilia, Collectable, Memrobilia, Memorabillia, Singed, Collectables, Memorabelia, memoribilia Our wide assortment of authentic autographed Erik Bedard memorabilia includes: game used collectibles, collages with frame, Erik Bedard autographs, frames, display cases, signatures, balls, coins, photomints, and other Erik Bedard signed memorabilia. You can also browse Erik Bedard autographed memorabilia such as a Erik Bedard autograph, coin with autograph, inscription, pic, hand signed collage, Olympic collectible, trading card, inscribed ball and signature photomint, among other signed Erik Bedard memorabilia. Info on Erik Bedard Jerseys, Gear & Collectibles: Our online store carries jackets, pictures, sale gifts, hats, sweatshirts, caps, licensed apparel, official clothing, replica banners, MVP 16X20 photos, and t-shirts, whether it's unsigned, signed or game-used. Also find an authentic gift, sweatshirt, jersey, jacket, t-shirt, 8X10 photo, ball, picture, cap, display case, blanket or hat. Browse Erik Bedard memorabilia prices, pics, jerseys, values, stats & signings from 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008. Searching for the perfect Erik Bedard gifts for that special sports fan? Whether you are trying to choose an item for a holiday such as Christmas or you need a birthday present, our gift certificates make the perfect gift idea. Our gift cards take all the pressure out of finding the perfect present for friends or loved ones. Let your loved ones choose their favorite Erik Bedard memorabilia and sports collectibles so you don't have to.